About Me
  My name is Hudson Albert. I want to introduce you to my newly published training manual for insurance agents; “DISCOVER THE SALES INSTINCTS IN YOU”. I have been in the insurance industry since 2011. Shortly after joining the industry, I have demonstrated my capabilities to excel beyond all expectations. Less than six months in the field, I was promoted to a field training manager. 

Shortly after, I was recruited by a Healthcare Exchange as a Benefit Advisor (BA). During that time, I really exceeded all expectations and truly dominated the field among my peers. During the 2014, Annual Enrollment Period, I was the top salesman companywide. In fact, for the 2014 AEP, I sold 924 total policies, almost 300 policies more than the second top salesperson. I was the recipient of the largest bonus ever paid to anyone in the history of that Healthcare Exchange Company.  
Ever since I can remember, I love the idea of coaching others. I believe everyone is unique in his/her own way. When someone wants to become a salesperson, regardless of the industry, that person needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.
It is my desire as a coach to help everyone who wants to become a salesperson to meet their full potential by providing an environment that promotes self-confidence and initiative; supports resourcesfuless, and invites an enthousiastic platform. There are three elements I believe that are conducive to establishing such an environment:
  1. A coach that acts as a guide
  2. A coach that encourages salespeople’s natural curiosity to develop their learning potential
  3. A Coach that promotes respect for all things and for all people.
I love being challenged; and online or face-to-face coaching has continu­ally challenged me to make my lessons fresh and effective. Coaching is very rewarding to me as it also improves my research and presentation skills, as I review and present topics in different ways, with broad perspectives, and to new audiences.  

​​My desire is to be the coach who goes beyond the classroom experience. I make it a point to undertake every coaching experience with love and imagination. I dream to be that coach who, even after years of coaching in the classroom, online or otherwise, still leaves each session asking what could I have done differently or how the next session might be better, and most importantly how to better engage and inspire my learners. 

Hudson Albert
Insurance and Sales Coach
Licensed Insurance Agent


As an Insurance and Sales Coach, my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and make you more productive. My focus is to show you how to make radical improvements in the field as an insurance producer. I provide support and guidance, as a coach, to help you better understand all the stages of the sales cycle. I will teach you how to acquire reliable leads, how to setup appointments, how to make presentations, how to effectively close your sales and how to ask for referrals and more. ​​

This is my 2014 AEP Sales Record