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Discover the Sales Instincts in You. 
Finally a training manual that can literally help you Discover the Sales Instincts in You. Whether you are new to the insurance industry or a struggling insurance agent who can't seem to get ahead, this is a training manual that can help improve your performance. In this manual you will learn about the 7 stages of the sales cycle; how to utilize a proven methodology to consistently plan for a successful outcome when prospecting for new clients; how to generate warm and engaging connections with both new and existing prospects; how to overcome objections and present solutions in a way that resonates and aligns with what your prospects value. You will also learn how to skillfully use the right mix of questions and active listening to promote effective conversation with prospects to anticipate objections and pushback and discover needs. This manual will help you recognize different opportunities to close and display confidence in asking for the sales. This manual is loaded with "SAMPLE SCRIPTS" and is truly a tool you must have to define your success in the insurance industry.